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Mock n' Droll

Fecal Plume Drawstring Bag

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Dubbed the ‘Official Band of 2020’ by the Centers for Disease Control, Fecal Plume came out of nowhere to make an earth-shattering impact. The Plumes’ music deftly incorporates the pentatonic tonality reminiscent of Southeast China, elements of neo-grunge from the US Pacific Northwest, and influence from the seminal early work of Echo and The Endangered Faeces.

Aerosol Punk, the band’s first single off the Ragin’ Contagion album, hit US shores in January and spread relentlessly across the states and ultimately the world. Fecal Plume is comprised of Edyong Bigbooté on lead guitar and epidemiology; Shelly Priddy on bass and aerosols; Perfect Tony on vocals, rhythm guitar, and biochemistry; and Rawhide Zweibel on microbiology and percussion. The band is currently wrapping up a global tour and hopes to spend 2021 in recovery.