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Mock-n-Blog: Are You Ready to Mock!?!?

Mock-n-Blog: Are You Ready to Mock!?!?

It all started with Pancrea.

That was the very first Mock n' Droll t-shirt made. Of course, it didn't actually start then. Years, perhaps lifetimes, have been spent thinking of what would make a funny band name. Am I the only one that spends their time in such unfruitful pursuits? I suppose we'll see, but I think Mock n' Droll can become a place for other like-minded oddballs to spend some time, buy a shirt or nine, and spread some humor into the world.

We're just getting started so please follow along at Instagram: @mockanddroll, Twitter: @MockandDroll and Facebook: Mock n' Droll. And please sign up for the email newsletter. It will be infrequent and never boring.

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  • Sal: October 06, 2020

    I don’t know about you, but I’m going to live my life in a Mock and Droll fantasy

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